2nd Grade

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Second Grade News

September 10,2018

What we are learning this week:

Reading- Continue reading  Henry and Mudge: Under the Yellow Moon, author’s purpose, vocabulary, multi-meaning words, fluency-accuracy: self-correct

Writing- Write in complete sentences

Phonics- Read and spell sight words; Test on Friday

Math-  Locate Numbers on a Number Line

Science- Classify matter by physical properties, including shape, relative mass, relative temperature, texture, flexibility, if material is a solid or a liquid.

Social Studies- Interpret information on maps globes using basic map elements such as title, orientation,(North,South, East, West) and legend/map keys.


Monday- Go Math Pgs. 79-80

Tuesday- Reading Vocabulary Worksheet

Wednesday- Least to Greatest WS

Thursday: Write spelling words 3 times each, Read 15 minutes                   


of                was                with                words

is                for                have                

that                are                one        


Upcoming Events           

September 18th- Picture Day

October 15th- No School/Teacher Work Day

If medications are sent to school, they must be sent with a parent note and in the original container.  Prescription medications must have a prescription label from the pharmacy.  Please include a phone number where you can be reached in case the school has any questions.

Monday Papers- Every Monday, your child will bring home graded papers from the previous week for you to review.  Keep the papers at home and return the folder with your child. Thank you!

Standards Based Grading

D- Developed

SD- Still Developing

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